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Febi ProKit

Tie Rod Axle Joint ProKit 27968 Febi ProKit

Product number: 0113868

Manufacturer number: 27968

EAN: 4027816279686

€ 13,62

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Delivery 13-12-2023
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  • Specifications

    Fitting PositionFront axle right (driver's side)
    Front axle left (passenger side)
    Supplementary Article/Supplementary InfoWith locknut
    Weight [kg]0,50
    for OE number45503-B1010
    Guarantee3 years
    Length [mm]242
    External Thread SizeM14 x 1,5
    M12 x 1,25

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  • Applicability

    SIRION (M3_) | 01.2005-06.2013 1.0 (M300) - 998ccm, 70pk, 51kw - 1KR-FE
    SIRION (M3_) | 01.2005-06.2013 1.3 (M301) - 1298ccm, 87pk, 64kw - K3-VE
    SIRION (M3_) | 01.2005-06.2013 1.3 (M301) - 1298ccm, 91pk, 67kw - K3-VE
    SIRION (M3_) | 01.2005-06.2013 1.3 4WD - 1298ccm, 87pk, 64kw - K3-VE
    SIRION (M3_) | 01.2005-06.2013 1.3 4WD - 1298ccm, 91pk, 67kw - K3-VE
  • Original part numbers

    45503B1010000 DAIHATSU
    45503-B1010 DAIHATSU
  • Manufacturer

    Febi ProKit
    With ProKit, Ferdinand Bilstein offers an innovative product line that saves workshops time and money, because febi ProKits certainly contain all the parts needed for the repair in question. Screws and nuts are a classic example: they usually need to be replaced during repairs and are often not included with the replacement part ordered. Result: extra driving back and forth to purchase associated parts, which means a loss of time and money for the workshops.

    A selection from the range of the Febi Prokit line:
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    • 0113868. Tie Rod Axle Joint ProKit
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