Car polish and wax

At Winparts we have a wide range of car cleaning products. You can choose from car polishers, car wax, cleaners, sealant and glaze. All these products will make your car shine again. Polishers can be used for removing scratches, paint defects, stains and oxidation. A glaze is a nourishing gloss product that draws into the pores of the car’s paint. After a while, these pores open and the original shine is reduced. A glaze can be used after a polishing or cleaning treatment, the gloss of the paint will be restored. To properly protect the glaze and to maintain its effect, it is recommended to also use a sealant and/or car wax. A sealant is a synthetic wax that is easy to use and is very durable. Sealant even lasts up to three days longer than a regular car wax.

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