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Brake Master Cylinder 71442 ABS

  • Brake Master Cylinder 71442 ABS
  • Brake Master Cylinder 71442 ABS, Thumbnail 2
  • Brake Master Cylinder 71442 ABS, Thumbnail 3

Product number: 0101671

Manufacturer number: 71442

EAN: 8717109123876

€ 72,21

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Delivery 29-09-2023
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  • Specifications

    Diameter 1/2 (mm): 23.8

    Weight [kg]0,89
    Number of connectors2
    Number of mounting bores2
    Thread Measurement 12x M10x1.0
    Guarantee2 years
    Piston diameter 1 [mm]23,8

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  • Applicability

    CR-V I
    CR-V I (RD) | 10.1995-02.2002 2.0 16V 4WD (RD1, RD3) - 1973ccm, 128pk, 94kw - B20B
    CR-V I (RD) | 10.1995-02.2002 2.0 16V 4WD (RD1, RD3) - 1973ccm, 147pk, 108kw - B20Z1
    HR-V (GH) | 03.1999-09.2005 1.6 16V (GH1, GH3) - 1590ccm, 105pk, 77kw - D16W1
    PRELUDE Mk V (BB_) | 10.1996-12.2001 2.0 16V (BB9) - 1997ccm, 133pk, 98kw - F20A4
    SMX (RH) | 10.1996-09.2002 2.0 4WD (RH2) - 1973ccm, 131pk, 96kw - B20B
    SMX (RH) | 10.1996-09.2002 2.0 Lowdown (RH1) - 1973ccm, 140pk, 103kw - B20BI
    STEPWGN (E-RF_, GF-RF_) | 05.1996-09.2000 2.0 (RF1) - 1972ccm, 135pk, 99kw - B20B
  • Original part numbers

    46100-S10-023 HONDA
    46100-S10-033 HONDA
    46100S47003 HONDA
    46100S47013 HONDA
    46100S47023 HONDA
    46100S10013 HONDA
    46100S10003 HONDA
  • Manufacturer


    Since 1978, ABS has been known as the brake specialist in Europe. For more than 40 years, ABS has ensured that the trade, distribution and assembly of parts is simple, easy and profitable for all parties. In addition to brake parts, this successful philosophy has also been applied to wheel bearings, steering and suspension parts. ABS has had an ISO 9001 quality mark for many years and meets all quality requirements for almost all European countries. At Winparts you will find ABS parts such as: brake calipers, brake pads, brake discs, brake shoe sets and much more!

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