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Rain-X 2-in-1 Glass cleaner + anti-rain 500ml

4.79 4.8/5 (42 Reviews)

Universally applicable

  • Rain-X 2-in-1 Glass cleaner + anti-rain 500ml
  • Rain-X 2-in-1 Glass cleaner + anti-rain 500ml, Thumbnail 2

Product number: 0306772

Manufacturer number: 1830048

EAN: 5026349024892

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  • Specifications

    Rain-X 2-in-1 Glass Cleaner + Anti-rain

    Rain-X® 2-in-1 Glass Cleaner and Rain-X® Original improve visibility in wet weather and are easy to use. The glass cleaner adds water drop technology to your visibility in one easy step


    1. Quick and easy to use - just spray and wipe the glass with a clean cloth
    2. Cleans car glass without streaks
    3. Makes water repellent
    4. Helps prevent and remove sleet, snow, vermin and splashing dirt that stick to the glass.


    1. Spray directly on the glass of the car or on a dry cotton cloth
    2. Wipe the glass with a 100% cotton cloth or a microfiber cloth
    3. For very dirty surfaces, repeat if necessary

    Guarantee2 years
    Content500 ml
    Glass cleaner
    packingSpray bottle
  • Applicability

    Universally applicable

  • Manufacturer

    Rain-X is a range of products from ITW Global Brands since 1972, designed to outsmart the elements of nature. Over the past 50 years, Rain‑X has supplied drivers with products with different types of glass treatments. With this technology of water pearls and glass cleaner, Rain‑X is one of the leaders of the automotive aftermarket for glass maintenance.
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  • Reviews 42

    • 5 By: Johannes Velda on 31-08-2023

      Ideal stuff, does what it was bought for.

    • 5 By: Ruud Hermans on 10-07-2023

      works excellently, will certainly be ordered more often

    • 5 By: Tim Parie on 14-06-2023

      Clean the windows perfectly and streak-free. Also gives a bit of a repellent layer, so that the water runs off the windows faster.

    • 5 By: Reyer Callenbach on 12-05-2023

      Product is already known and it works great

    • 5 By: Joop van Geelen on 08-04-2023

      i already knew this product and it is great

    • 5 By: Kevin on 07-04-2023

      Cleans well and leaves a film that makes rain ?fall off?

    • 5 By: Andries Knoppien on 25-02-2023

      It is a great product with easy to use instructions

    • 5 By: Patrick de Wijs on 28-10-2022

      Great product, does what it's supposed to do. Very fast delivery!

    • 5 By: Wilfred Volkers on 26-09-2022

      Easy to apply, does what it's supposed to do.

    • 5 By: ML-GROEP NV on 11-02-2022


    • 5 By: Ron Moerings on 05-02-2022

      Hardly a drop of rain remains on the windows and with frost there is almost no ice on the windows.

    • 4 By: M.R. Mughal on 30-11-2021

      Works fine. Glass is cleaned well and rain drips faster from the window, or so it seems. However, with a lot of rainy weather spraying on the window more often, low stays less long.

    • 5 By: C Dekker on 04-05-2021

      As always very good, certainly recommended

    • 5 By: Harry Wijnands on 30-03-2021

      Nice and streak-free result fine

    • 5 By: Ivangh on 27-03-2021

      I find this cleaner very pleasant to work. Your windows are cleaned quickly and because of the film that remains on your windows, the rain washes off automatically for quite a long time. This means you don't have to use your windshield wipers as often.

    • 5 By: peter van der Laan on 26-10-2020

      I should have had that 10 years earlier!

    • 5 By: Rene ter Meer on 17-10-2020

      Clean the windows without streaks and the rainwater is properly drained.

    • 5 By: Kees jansen on 27-09-2020

      A very good product works well

    • 4 By: Rob Schouten on 18-09-2020

      Glass becomes slippery, rain no longer has life!

    • 5 By: Hugo Magnée on 01-09-2020

      Nice product, but first clean the windows well before applying, a wax layer from the car wash resulted in a reduced effect.

    • 5 By: F.J. Wolterink on 09-08-2020

      Great product for a good price

    • 5 By: Heidy Diepenbroek on 15-04-2020

      functions perfectly! Use this on the glass in the shower. Dirt hardly adheres.

    • 4 By: Erik De Nil on 24-11-2019

      I only applied it once. You really have to wipe dry thoroughly, I have the impression. But very beneficial compared to treatments with certain professionals.

    • 5 By: Kloosterman on 04-11-2019

      Cleans the holds really well and the view seems really better than other cleaning products

    • 5 By: Robin Vink on 14-10-2019

      Everyone should use this regularly; clean windshield and raindrops flow very quickly; erasing is much more effective.

    • 5 By: John Janowski on 20-02-2019

      Convenient to use, and to be used directly on dirty car windows

    • 5 By: M Nab on 04-12-2018

      x-rain can now be used on a window that has just been washed. is immediately clean and gives better visibility in the rain.

    • 4 By: Sinclair McWilliam on 22-11-2018

      Very good product, easy to use.

    • 4 By: thys tjalma on 19-11-2017

      nice stuff

    • 4 By: Anonymous on 16-06-2017

      -no further explanation given-

    • 5 By: Anonymous on 25-05-2017

      great product.

    • 4 By: Van Sluijs on 10-05-2017

      -no further explanation given-

    • 5 By: Anonymous on 30-12-2016

      cleans the windows and scratching is much faster

    • 5 By: Anonymous on 23-11-2016

      Makes glass water repellent

    • 5 By: Anonymous on 15-06-2016

      -no further explanation given-

    • 4 By: J.R. Hoogervorst on 30-03-2016

      Ordered to try out. Fine stuff.

    • 5 By: Anonymous on 01-03-2016

      -no further explanation given-

    • 5 By: Anonymous on 26-02-2016

      -no further explanation given-

    • 5 By: Anonymous on 19-02-2016

      In combination with the new wiper blades it works fine. Very satisfied.

    • 5 By: Anonymous on 23-12-2015

      -no further explanation given-

    • 4 By: Anonymous on 18-08-2015

      -no further explanation given-

    • 5 By: Anonymous on 19-10-2014

      a wonder for atorugs

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