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Clutch Cable

Product number: 0602821

Manufacturer number: 8AK 355 701-891

EAN: 4082300542936

€ 34,24

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  • Specifications

    Weight [kg]0,589
    Length 1 [mm]840
    Technical Information NumberAK0189
    Length 2 [mm]630
    AdjustmentWith manual adjustment
    Guarantee2 years

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  • Applicability

    XANTIA (X1_, X2_) | 03.1993-04.2003 1.9 Turbo D - 1905ccm, 90pk, 66kw - DHY (XUD9TE/Y), DHX (XUD9BTF), DHX (XUD9TF)
    XANTIA Estate
    XANTIA Estate (X1_, X2_) | 06.1995-04.2003 1.9 Turbo D - 1905ccm, 90pk, 66kw - DHY (XUD9TE/Y), D8B (XUD9TF), DHX (XUD9BTF), DHX (XUD9TF)
  • Original part numbers

    96108987 CITROËN
    96108987 PEUGEOT
  • Manufacturer


    Hella, a listed family company with more than 100 years of experience. Hella has grown big by its headlights. In addition to the basic lighting as halogen headlamps, Hella has been delivering xenon headlamps for 20 years and LED headlamps and tail lights for several years.

    Hella also produces more advanced systems with curved lighting or adaptive frontlighting system. In combination with a camera, these Hella headlights can automatically make adjustments in the light image for ultimate safety and visibility.

    Hella offers a wide range of electric and lighting components for cars. Hella specializes in producing highest standards that meet the latest developments in the market.

    Whether you buy a Hella headlight for your old used car or your newly purchased station car, you are always assured of a product that is the same as the original and therefore of the highest quality.

    Hella products distinguish themselves in the following areas:

    - Original quality
    - Lighting parts with the best visibility and safety
    - Perfect fit
    - Durability
    - 1 year full warranty

    At the moment we have the following Hella products in our range:

    - Headlights
    - Rear lights
    - Flashing lights
    - Fog lights
    - Set motors
    - Daytime driving lights

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