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Clutch Cable

Product number: 0769141

Manufacturer number: 24.3728-0330.2

EAN: 4006633123686

€ 55,71

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Delivery 16-12-2023
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  • Specifications

    MAPP code available
    AdjustmentWith automatic adjustment
    Guarantee2 years
    Length [mm]903

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  • Applicability

    XSARA PICASSO (N68) | 12.1999-06.2012 1.6 - 1587ccm, 95pk, 70kw - NFV (TU5JP)
    XSARA PICASSO (N68) | 12.1999-06.2012 1.6 - 1587ccm, 88pk, 65kw - NFZ (TU5JP)
    XSARA PICASSO (N68) | 12.1999-06.2012 1.6 - 1587ccm, 91pk, 67kw - NFZ (TU5JP)
    XSARA PICASSO (N68) | 12.1999-06.2012 1.6 16V - 1587ccm, 109pk, 80kw - NFU (TU5JP4)
    XSARA PICASSO (N68) | 12.1999-06.2012 1.6 16V - 1587ccm, 110pk, 81kw - NFU (TU5JP4)
    XSARA PICASSO (N68) | 12.1999-06.2012 1.6 Chrono - 1587ccm, 101pk, 74kw - NFV (TU5JP)
    XSARA PICASSO (N68) | 12.1999-06.2012 1.6 HDi - 1560ccm, 90pk, 66kw - 9HX (DV6ATED4)
    XSARA PICASSO (N68) | 12.1999-06.2012 1.6 HDi - 1560ccm, 109pk, 80kw - 9HY (DV6TED4), 9HZ (DV6TED4)
    XSARA PICASSO (N68) | 12.1999-06.2012 1.8 16V - 1749ccm, 115pk, 85kw - 6FZ (EW7J4)
    XSARA PICASSO (N68) | 12.1999-06.2012 2.0 HDi - 1997ccm, 90pk, 66kw - RHY (DW10TD)
  • Original part numbers

    2150 AT CITROËN
    2150 AS CITROËN
    2150 Z5 CITROËN
  • Manufacturer


    When professionals think about braking parts, ATE is often called ATE. This is because ATE - part of the Continental group - invests a lot of energy in the development of its products and is therefore the first choice for garages who want to offer their customers the best possible quality. Brake discs and brake pads of ATE are of exceptional quality. ATE brake parts are of similar quality to the original, but often exceed the specifications of the original brake parts.

    For example, ATE has 150 different types of brake pad assemblies. This enables them to guarantee the right amount of pedal feel, braking power, comfort and durability for every application. In comparison; ATE's competitors often use only 4 or 5 different compounds for their entire range. As a result, the brake parts are never completely tuned to the car for which they will be used.

    ATE is one of the first suppliers of ceramic brake pads. These brake pads with the addition of Ceramic have as much brake force as normal brake pads, but leave virtually no brake material. This will keep your wheels and your brake system clean for a long time. In addition, they last longer than regular brake pads.

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    • 0769141. Clutch Cable
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