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Control Arm-/Trailing Arm Bush

Product number: 1428269

Manufacturer number: TED16557

EAN: 5902275165574

€ 4,93

€ 4,93

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  • Specifications

    Fitting PositionRear Axle
    Fitting PositionLeft and right, both sides
    Required quantity2
    Steering arm typeFor drag link
    Guarantee2 years
  • Applicability

    CX-9 (TB) | 09.2006-12.2007 3.5 AWD - 3496ccm, 263pk, 193kw - CYC4
    CX-9 (TB) | 09.2006-12.2007 3.7 AWD (TB10A) - 3726ccm, 277pk, 204kw - CA, CAY1, CAY5, CAY6
    CX-9 (TB) | 09.2006-12.2007 3.7 - 3726ccm, 277pk, 204kw - CAY1, CAY5, CAY6
    CX-9 (TB) | 09.2006-12.2007 3.5 - 3496ccm, 263pk, 193kw - CYC4
  • Original part numbers

    TD1328200C MAZDA
    TD1328250C MAZDA
    TD13-28-200C MAZDA
    TD1328-250C MAZDA
  • Manufacturer

    Tedgum is a Polish company founded in 1993, in Ruda Slaska, Poland. The company specialized in developing parts for the powertrain of automotive vehicles. The company, which has been in existence for more than 25 years, has expanded its range considerably over the years and has gathered a lot of knowledge in the market in that time. Below is a brief overview of some of Tedgum's offerings:

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