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Control Arm-/Trailing Arm Bush

  • Control Arm-/Trailing Arm Bush
  • Control Arm-/Trailing Arm Bush, Thumbnail 2

Product number: 1450600

Manufacturer number: NAB-J31BX

EAN: 4056111099859

€ 17,20

€ 17,20

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  • Specifications

    Fitting PositionLower Front Axle
    Fitting PositionRear
    Weight [kg]0,541
    Packaging length [cm]7,8
    Packaging width [cm]7,8
    Packaging height [cm]6,3
    Guarantee2 years

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  • Applicability

    MURANO I (Z50) | 08.2003-09.2008 3.5 4x4 - 3498ccm, 231pk, 170kw - VQ35DE
    MURANO I (Z50) | 08.2003-09.2008 3.5 4x4 - 3498ccm, 245pk, 180kw - VQ35DE
    TEANA I (J31) | 10.2003-06.2008 2.3 - 2349ccm, 173pk, 127kw - VQ23DE
  • Original part numbers

    54501-CN00B NISSAN
    54501-CN00A NISSAN
    54500-CC40B NISSAN
    54500-CN002 NISSAN
    54500-CN000 NISSAN
    54501-9W200 NISSAN
    54501-CN000 NISSAN
    54501-9W50B NISSAN
    54501-CN002 NISSAN
    54500-CC40E NISSAN
    54501-CA010 NISSAN
    44401-52002 SAMSUNG
    54500-9Y000 NISSAN
    54500-CK000 NISSAN
    54501-CC40A NISSAN
    54501-9W20C NISSAN
    54501-9W50A NISSAN
    54500-9W20C NISSAN
    54501-CC40B NISSAN
    54500-9W200 NISSAN
    44400-52002 SAMSUNG
    54501-9Y000 NISSAN
    54500-CC40A NISSAN
    54501-CC40E NISSAN
    54500-CN00C NISSAN
    54500-CA010 NISSAN
    54501-CK000 NISSAN
    54570-CA000 NISSAN
    54570-CK000 NISSAN
  • Manufacturer

    FEBEST Europe Distribution is the official FEBEST group supplier of auto parts for the European and North Africa markets. FEBEST parts are being used in repairs of Suspension, Steering, Clutch and Brake systems, Engine systems, Transmission and Body. Most of the parts are suspension components for Asian passenger cars.
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