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Repair Kit, Handlebar MN-RK-7280 Moog

Product number: 1501675

Manufacturer number: MN-RK-7280

EAN: 4044197482283

€ 88,98

€ 41,37

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  • Specifications

    Fitting PositionRear Axle
    Packing TypeBox
    Bore Ø 1 [mm]17
    Packaging length [cm]16
    Packaging width [cm]8
    Packaging height [cm]8
    Bore Distance 1 [mm]115
    Guarantee2 years
    Diameter [mm]75
    Thickness [mm]24

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  • Applicability

    Universally applicable

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  • Manufacturer


    MOOG was founded in 1919 in the US and launched in Europe in 2001 to great acclaim. Today, MOOG is a trusted brand for steering and suspension parts and is also internationally recognized for its high quality chassis parts.

    They go the extra mile to make life easier for installers and their customers. In fact, guaranteeing excellent service to its installers is MOOG's top priority. The commitment to their promise is therefore: at MOOG we go the extra mile for you every day.

    At Winparts you will find the following categories of Moog, among others:

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