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Suspension, panhard rod

Product number: 1428450

Manufacturer number: 00467466

EAN: 5908229987001

€ 21,33

€ 21,33

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Delivery 11-02-2023
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  • Specifications

    Fitting PositionRear axle left (passenger side)
    MaterialPU (Polyurethane)
    Inner diameter [mm]26
    Supplementary Article/Info 2With grease cover
    With mounting manual
    Steering arm typeFor control arm
    Quantity per Axle1
    Guarantee2 years
  • Applicability

    PATROL GR Mk II Wagon (Y61) | 06.1997-06.2001 3.0 DTi - 2953ccm, 160pk, 118kw - ZD30DDTi
    PATROL GR Mk II Wagon (Y61) | 06.1997-06.2001 2.8 TDiC (Y61) - 2826ccm, 131pk, 96kw - RD28Ti
    PATROL GR   (Y60, GR) | 09.1988-02.1998 4.2 D (Y60GR) - 4169ccm, 116pk, 85kw - TD42
    PATROL GR Mk II Wagon (Y61) | 06.1997-06.2001 3.0 DTi - 2953ccm, 158pk, 116kw - ZD30DDTi
    PATROL GR   (Y60, GR) | 09.1988-02.1998 2.8 TD (Y60A) - 2826ccm, 116pk, 85kw - RD28T
    PATROL GR   (Y60, GR) | 09.1988-02.1998 4.2 Cat - 4169ccm, 165pk, 121kw - TB42E
    PATROL GR Mk II Wagon (Y61) | 06.1997-06.2001 2.8 TD - 2826ccm, 129pk, 95kw - RD28Ti
  • Original part numbers

    54582-27J00 NISSAN
    55135-01J01 NISSAN
    55135-01J01 AUDI
    54582-27J10 NISSAN
    5458227J00 NISSAN
    55130VB200 NISSAN
    55130-VB200 NISSAN
    5513501J01 NISSAN
    54582VB000 NISSAN
    54582-VB000 NISSAN
    54582VC110 NISSAN
    54582-VC110 NISSAN
    OE55135-01J01 NISSAN
    55130VC000 NISSAN
    55130-VC000 NISSAN
    55130VC300 NISSAN
    55130-VC300 NISSAN
    54582VC100 NISSAN
    54582-VC100 NISSAN
    55130VC100 NISSAN
    55130-VC100 NISSAN
    5458227J10 NISSAN
    5458232J00 NISSAN
    54582-32J00 NISSAN
    55135-01J01 JP NISSAN
  • Manufacturer

    Tedgum is a Polish company founded in 1993, in Ruda Slaska, Poland. The company specialized in developing parts for the powertrain of automotive vehicles. The company, which has been in existence for more than 25 years, has expanded its range considerably over the years and has gathered a lot of knowledge in the market in that time. Below is a brief overview of some of Tedgum's offerings:

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    • 1428450. Suspension, panhard rod
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