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Speed sensor, gearbox

Product number: 1321847

Manufacturer number: 79468

EAN: 8435050648322

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Delivery 05-10-2023
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  • Specifications

    Number of poles3
    Housing ColourGrey
    Sensor TypeHall Sensor
    Guarantee2 years
  • Applicability

    C4 II
    C4 II (NC_) | 11.2009-12.2017 1.2 THP 130 - 1199ccm, 130pk, 96kw - HNY (EB2DTS)
    C4 PICASSO II | 02.2013-??? 1.2 THP 130 - 1199ccm, 130pk, 96kw - HNY (EB2DTS)
    DS3 (SA_) | 11.2009-07.2015 1.6 THP 165 - 1598ccm, 165pk, 121kw - 5GZ (EP6FDT)
    DS4 (NX_) | 04.2011-07.2015 1.2 THP 130 - 1199ccm, 130pk, 96kw - HNY (EB2DTS)
    308 II
    308 II (LB_, LP_, LW_, LH_, L3_) | 09.2013-06.2021 1.2 THP 130 - 1199ccm, 131pk, 96kw - HNY (EB2DTS), HNS (EB2ADTS)
    308 SW
    308 SW II (LC_, LJ_, LR_, LX_, L4_) | 03.2014-06.2021 1.2 THP 130 - 1199ccm, 131pk, 96kw - HNY (EB2DTS), HNS (EB2ADTS)
  • Manufacturer

    FAE has been manufacturing electrical and electronic products for the automotive market since 1952. The company offers a wide range of products with more than 4,500 references that provide performance and quality equivalent to OEM parts.
    As an innovation-driven organization, since its inception, FAE has solidified its position in the design of multilayer ceramic applications, the development of ceramic substrates and the implementation of microelectronic systems.
    FAE's product range includes oxygen sensors, MAP sensors, exhaust pressure sensors, timing and revolution sensors, wheel speed sensors (ABS), oil pressure switches and transmitters, temperature and pressure sensors, stop and reverse light switches, temperature and radiator fan Transmitters, ignition coils, spark plug wires, glow plugs, thermostats, solenoids, knock sensors and electric valves.
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    • 1321847. Speed sensor, gearbox
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