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H & R lowering springs VW Lupo benz.9 / 98- / Seat Arosa 30

Product number: 0059177

Manufacturer number: HR 295291

EAN: 4048419039415

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Delivery 29-06-2024
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  • Specifications

    Guarantee2 years
    CertificationTUV & E certification
    GOCAAvailable on request
  • Applicability

    AROSA (6H1) | 05.1997-06.2004 1.0 - 999ccm, 50pk, 37kw - AER, ALL, ALD, ANV, AUC
    AROSA (6H1) | 05.1997-06.2004 1.0 - 997ccm, 50pk, 37kw - AHT
    AROSA (6H1) | 05.1997-06.2004 1.4 - 1389ccm, 60pk, 44kw - AEX, APQ, AKV, AKK, ANW, AUD
    AROSA (6H1) | 05.1997-06.2004 1.4 16V - 1390ccm, 100pk, 74kw - AFK, AQQ, AUB
    LUPO I
    LUPO I (6X1, 6E1) | 09.1998-07.2005 1.0 - 999ccm, 50pk, 37kw - AER, ALL, ALD, ANV, AUC
    LUPO I (6X1, 6E1) | 09.1998-07.2005 1.0 - 997ccm, 50pk, 37kw - AHT
    LUPO I (6X1, 6E1) | 09.1998-07.2005 1.4 - 1390ccm, 60pk, 44kw - AUD
    LUPO I (6X1, 6E1) | 09.1998-07.2005 1.4 16V - 1390ccm, 100pk, 74kw - AFK, AQQ, AUB, ANM
    LUPO I (6X1, 6E1) | 09.1998-07.2005 1.4 16V - 1390ccm, 75pk, 55kw - AHW, AKQ, APE, AUA, BBY
    LUPO I (6X1, 6E1) | 09.1998-07.2005 1.6 GTI - 1598ccm, 125pk, 92kw - AVY
  • Manufacturer


    H & R has become hugely successful thanks to innovations on the circuit that continually improved road racing. Because these innovations made their way to the market for cars and sports cars, H & R became increasingly popular. In the meantime, H & R makes even the original springs of, for example, the Mercedes CLK DTM or the Porsche Carrera GT and are available for more than 1000 vehicle chassis upgrades from H & R.

    H & R has been closely involved in the development of the chassis technology in the DTM race class for Mercedes for 8 years. In addition, they develop different products for the Formula 1, touring car, GT and Monoposto race series. In the harsh environment of the competition, H & R can continuously test the latest technologies to further refine the production of its offer so that the consumer is always on the go with the best lowering springs or screw set.

    H & R uses progressive springs, making the spring a stub section and a comfortable section. This allows a car to remain comfortable without sacrificing sportiness. In addition to springs, H & R also makes complete cupkits that consist of rigid dampers and springs, but also makes H & R screw sets. Unique because the monotube shock absorbers are mounted upside down. As a result, you benefit from a lower weighted weight, which benefits the road position.

    H & R products distinguish themselves in the following areas:

    - Give the car a sporty look
    - 2 years full warranty
    - Maintain a lot of comfort through the progressive springs
    - Each set is car specific and therefore fits perfectly with the car
    - Improve road levers considerably to the extremes of the screw sets and cupkits
    - powder coated feathers Cupkits and screw sets are galvanized.
    - Screw sets are mounted monotube and upside-down

    At the moment we have the following H & R products in our range:

    - Screw sets
    - Reduction springs

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