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Wheel Bearing Kit 33915 FEBI

Product number: 0154020

Manufacturer number: 33915

EAN: 4027816339151

€ 106,84

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Delivery 17-04-2024
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  • Specifications

    Outer diameter [mm]84
    Fitting PositionFront Axle
    Front Axle Left
    Rear Axle Left
    Front axle right (driver side)
    Rear axle right (driver's side)
    Inner diameter [mm]28
    Supplementary Article/Info 2Wheel bearing integrated in a weiler
    With wheel hub
    With ABS sensor ring
    With integrated sensor ring
    Supplementary Article/Supplementary InfoWith axle nut
    Bolt Hole Circle Ø [mm]114,3
    Bearing TypeAngular Ball Bearing
    Guarantee3 years
    Width [mm]139
    Weight [kg]2,91

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  • Applicability

    GRAND VITARA I (FT, HT) | 03.1998-09.2005 2.7 4x4 (JA627) - 2736ccm, 184pk, 135kw - H 27 A
    GRAND VITARA II (JT, TE, TD) | 04.2005-02.2015 1.6 All-wheel Drive (JB416) - 1586ccm, 106pk, 78kw - M16A
    GRAND VITARA II (JT, TE, TD) | 04.2005-02.2015 1.6 All-wheel Drive (TA74, JB416) - 1586ccm, 99pk, 73kw - M16A
    GRAND VITARA II (JT, TE, TD) | 04.2005-02.2015 1.9 DDiS (JB419WD, JB419XD) - 1870ccm, 129pk, 95kw - F9QB
    GRAND VITARA II (JT, TE, TD) | 04.2005-02.2015 1.9 DDiS All-wheel Drive (JT419, TD44, JB419WD, JB419XD,... - 1870ccm, 129pk, 95kw - F9QB, F9QC
    GRAND VITARA II (JT, TE, TD) | 04.2005-02.2015 2.0 All-wheel Drive (TD54, JB420) - 1995ccm, 140pk, 103kw - J20A
    GRAND VITARA II (JT, TE, TD) | 04.2005-02.2015 2.4 All-wheel Drive (JB424) - 2393ccm, 169pk, 124kw - J24B
    GRAND VITARA II (JT, TE, TD) | 04.2005-02.2015 2.4 All-wheel Drive (JT424, JB424, TDA4) - 2393ccm, 166pk, 122kw - J24B
    GRAND VITARA II (JT, TE, TD) | 04.2005-02.2015 3.2 All-wheel Drive (JB632, TDB4) - 3195ccm, 224pk, 165kw - N32A
    GRAND VITARA II (JT, TE, TD) | 04.2005-02.2015 3.2 All-wheel Drive (TDB4, JT632, JB632) - 3195ccm, 233pk, 171kw - N32A
    KIZASHI (FR) | 10.2010-??? 2.4 4x4 (A6B 424) - 2393ccm, 178pk, 131kw - J24B
  • Original part numbers

    43402-57L50-000 SUZUKI
    43401-65J02 SUZUKI
    43401-65J02-000 SUZUKI
    43402-57L50 SUZUKI
    43401-65J00 SUZUKI
    43401-65J00-000 SUZUKI
    43402-57L51 SUZUKI
    43401-65J00 S1 SUZUKI
    43401-65J01 SUZUKI
    43401-65J01 S1 SUZUKI
    43402-57L00 SUZUKI
    43402-57L00 S1 SUZUKI
    43402-57L51 S1 SUZUKI
  • Manufacturer


    FeBi is one of our largest manufacturers in brake discs, brake pads, bearing arms and chassis products.

    FeBi offers everything for the professional repair of cars, trailers, trailers and vans from all current brands and models. FeBi uses her years of experience, state-of-the-art production technologies, and invests continuously in expanding its own production.

    FeBi distinguishes itself on the following issues from other manufacturers:

    - Very wide range of> 30,000 products
    - 95% is in stock at Febi and is therefore delivered quickly
    - FeBi produces itself and guarantees a high German quality
    - Great offer for very recent car models

    At the moment we have FeBi products in the following product groups:

    - Brake block set
    - Brake pads
    - Gas pressure springs
    - The dragonmen
    - springs
    - Distribution sets
    - Filters
    - Bobines
    - Cooling parts (Cooling water flanges, hoses)
    - spark plugs
    - Steering bullets and steering rods
    - Support arm rubbers
    - Wheel bearings
    - Sensors
    - Electrical parts

    FeBi also supplies her own Pro kit today. The Febi Pro Kit is a complete repair kit and contains all materials to fully replace a repair. Handy, because you do not have to find all the products themselves and always fit them.

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    • 0154020. Wheel Bearing Kit
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