30 days free exchange, how does this work?

Does the product you bought not meet your expectations or did you receive the wrong item? We understand that this is pretty annoying when you receive something you didn't order or can't be mounted to your car. In any case we like to help you find a satisfactory solution. All car-specific products that you ordered using your number plate or by selecting your car and model manually for example, can be exchanged for free if they do not fit. This is applicable to technical car parts, such as brake discs, timing belt kits and spark plugs.

We take pride in our perfect-fit-guarantee and our vehicle check. Our vehicle check guarantees that the right parts for your car are shown. This way we ensure that you find the right product easily and receive it quickly. Please note that the free exchange service is only applicable to car-specific products that you have ordered using the vehicle check. Accessories such as roof boxes, bicycle carriers or wheel trims are not subject to the vehicle check and are thus excluded from the free exchange service. The same holds for returns, in the case that you do not wish to receive a replacing product. In such a case, an appropriate fee will be charged if you would like to exchange or return the product.

Why you should choose to exchange?

  • 30 days to reconsider your purchase
  • Free exchange
  • Professional expert service
  • Easy request submits via my Winparts

Please check if your product has the right applicability to your vehicle when you received your order. Turned out that it isn´t the right item or it doesn´t fit your car? No worries, it's easy to exchange your item at Winparts. In order to help you exchange the item(s) accordingly, we require that you submit your exchange request online. By submitting your request, you can notify us what's wrong and/or your wishes concerning the exchange. This can simply be done by signing in to my Winparts:

Submitted your exchange request? Sit back and let us do the work. At submitting your request you have notified us what's wrong. We'll work on an adequate solution. We'll go and find the right product which suits your wishes best and will process this in an exchange.

Tip: Please provide us with your telephone number. This makes it easier to process your request fast and more efficiently.

What if we have found the right product for you? We will notify you by email and attach a PDF file which contains a return label. You can put this label on your parcel and return it using your local post office*. As soon as we received and processed your return, we will immediately send you the exchange product. We obviously won't charge additional shipping costs for our exchange service! It may occur however that there is an outstanding amount. Is the difference in your favour? We'll make sure that it will be refunded within a couple of days.

Status of your return:
Via  my Winparts you are able to check the status of your return during the exchange process. At the same place, you can submit questions regarding your return to our representatives. Once we have received and processed your order, we will notify you. After notification, we will ship the exchanged products as soon as possible. Arranging an exchange is done in a breeze, couldn't be more easy! We hope you enjoy your purchase.

Get in touch (English support)
Tel.: +31 085 070 52 25
Email: [email protected]

* if it concerns a large parcel which can't be returned using your local post office, we will get in touch with you by email.

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