Delivery time of a product

The delivery time of each product may vary. That's why it's of the utmost importance that we're clear upfront about the delivery times. At each product page, you can find the estimated delivery time in the tab 'Delivery time'. When you're on a product page, you can find the tab just below the product image and the text "More info?". Among others, it's here that you can find what the estimated delivery time of the product is.

Do you want to combine multiple items in one order? No worries. If there's a product which has a longer delivery time, we use that delivery time as an estimate for delivering all the items. It's easy to find an overview of product-specific delivery times in your shopping cart. We will also inform you in the shopping cart when we expect to deliver your order.

The delivery time of your order can furthermore be checked in your my Winparts account. At my Winparts you can also follow your order during processing it, from order picking to delivery.

In a bit of a hurry with some items of your order? Again, no worries. Please get in touch with one of our customer service representatives. Note that in some cases we might charge an additional fee. One of our customer service representatives will inform you accordingly when adjusting your order.

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