On this page you'll find all the information related to the use of cookies and other tracking techniques used in the Winparts website.

We use certain techniques which allow our website to work and help us to understand what information and advertising is most useful to visitors.

At Winparts we respect your concerns about privacy and value the relationship that we have with you. That's why we like to be clear and transparent beforehand concerning the use of cookies and other techniques used to improve the website and marketing for you as a customer.

Like many companies, we use cookies to make our websites easier to use, to deliver a personalised experience on our websites, and to better tailor our products to your needs, services and websites to your interests and needs. Cookies are used to help speed up your future activities and your experience on Winparts websites.

Cookies are stored on your device to make sure our website works well. Cookies are handy little files which store data so that you don´t have to refill your shopping cart once you go to another page. You don´t have to provide the same information, over and over again. This makes visiting our website way more convenient and faster.

Also from our side are cookies very handy. They provide us insights in how our website is used, which enables us in turn to make it that easier and friendlier to use. Insights that, like which button works better for our customers, help make it possible for better and faster use. We can also use cookies to show more relevant advertisements which better suit your interests.

Disable and remove cookies
In case you are uncomfortable that cookies are stored, you simply remove these. You can moreover disable the use of cookies (and JavaScript) entirely. It's important to note that our website can't function properly as you would expect. Certain features are for example inactive and the website might be perceived as slower. Below you can find an explanation per browser how to remove or disable cookies entirely…

Other techniques
Next to cookies our online store also uses JavaScript and web beacons. These are internet techniques that work together with cookies. JavaScript enables the collection of data in handy little text files (the so-called cookies) which in turn can be send (known as web beacons). That's how the shopping cart of our store knows for example you have chosen 2 cans of motor oil – stored in your cookie – and that these are showed properly when you're ready to order.

Different kind of cookies
The cookies used on Winparts websites may be generally categorised as follow:

  • Functional or necessary cookies
  • Analytical cookies
  • Advertisement cookies
  • Preference cookies

Functional or necessary cookies.
These cookies are used to make sure the website works. Without these cookies the website cannot function properly.

  • It provides the possibility that you save your sign in credentials which helps you to prevent signing in at each visit.
  • It takes care that your chosen items stay in the shopping cart each time you refresh or change the page.
  • Your browser settings are saved so that our website functions smoothly with your browser on your specific screen.
  • It divides the load of the website which makes sure that the website runs as smooth as possible and your computer has less load. It makes it for examples possible that only the items for your specific vehicle are shown instead of that you have to wait for all the 200.000 car parts are loaded. This makes it a lot faster.

Analytical cookies
We use, possibly with the help of a third-party, analytical cookies to analyse behaviour. Thanks to this information we can make analysis on visitor behaviour, which in turn helps us to improve our website. This way helps us to improve our website to become more user friendly. For this we use the following:

  • IP-address
  • Technical properties like the device (mobile, tablet or desktop), the browser (Chrome, internet explorer, etc.) and your screen resolution
  • From which page you entered our website
  • When and how long you visited our website
  • If you made use of specific functionalities like the number plate check or if you placed an order. This makes it possible for example to offer the most suitable payment methods so that we can serve anyone.
  • Which pages you visited on our website
  • Details from the order form like name, address, telephone number or email address will not be stored using these cookies and can therefore not be used to identify a person.

Targeting or advertising Cookies.
On our website, but also on other website, you'll promotional material and advertisements from Winparts. We use cookies to show advertisements that are interesting for you on the basis of your search behaviour on our website. With the help of advertisement cookies, we can:

  • See which advertisement you already have been showed. With this we can remind you for example that you already put a can of motor oil in your shopping cart. This makes it easy to order it at home.
  • See how many times you have seen an advertisement. With this we can prevent that you see the advertisement indefinitely.
  • Measure how many times you clicked on an advertisement
  • Measure if you have ordered after seeing an advertisement, or if you have clicked it at all
  • Combine data from different devices
  • By combining the stated above, we are able to make an estimate on what you find interesting and adjust our advertisements accordingly. This way you are always served with the best discounts or offers and are sure that we don't bother you anymore once you placed an order.

Advertisement networks (third parties) are used to serve advertisement outside our own website. They also may place cookies to save your browser preferences.

Regarding the cookies placed by these parties we refer to their own cookie notice. The following parties place cookies via our website:

Preference cookies
Winparts offers many, many products. To make your search as easy as possible we like to help you by serving you the products, we deem most interesting for you. Like for example the products which are shown below the product page with the heading 'people who bought this, also bought…'. With preference cookies we are able to:

  • Combine and aggregate surfing, searching and buying behaviour from different devices
  • These cookies help you and other people after you, to find the right products more easily. For instance, it enables us to offer the right roof bars for the roof box you just viewed.

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