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Air Spring Strut

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Product number: 0849583

Manufacturer number: AS-2888

EAN: 0815710014670

€ 707,87

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Delivery 28-02-2024
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  • Specifications

    With Eibach shock absorber.

    TypeSuspension Strut
    Fitting PositionFront
    SuspensionFor vehicles with comfort suspension
    Spring TypeFor pneumatic suspension vehicles
    Packaging length [cm]77,5
    Packaging width [cm]19,5
    Packaging height [cm]19,5
    Guarantee2 years
    Net weight [kg]6,5
    Shock Absorber Mounting TypeTop yoke
    Bottom Fork
    Manufactured inUSA
    pairwise replacement is recommended
    Weight [kg]7,5

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  • Applicability

    XJ (X350, X358) | 03.2003-03.2009 3.0 - 2967ccm, 243pk, 179kw - AJV6(3.0 Liter)
    XJ (X350, X358) | 03.2003-03.2009 3.0 - 2967ccm, 238pk, 175kw - VB(AJV6), VG(AJV6)
    XJ (X350, X358) | 03.2003-03.2009 3.6 - 3555ccm, 258pk, 190kw - RG(AJV8)
    XJ (X350, X358) | 03.2003-03.2009 4.2 - 4196ccm, 305pk, 224kw - AJ34
    XJ (X350, X358) | 03.2003-03.2009 4.2 - 4196ccm, 298pk, 219kw - SB(AJ33), SG(AJ33)
    XJ (X350, X358) | 03.2003-03.2009 D 2.7 - 2720ccm, 207pk, 152kw - 7G(AJTDV6)
    XJ (X350, X358) | 03.2003-03.2009 R 4.2 - 4196ccm, 395pk, 291kw - TB(AJ36), TG(AJ36)
  • Original part numbers

    C2C41349 JAGUAR
    C2C41339 JAGUAR
    C2C28533 JAGUAR
    C2C28409 JAGUAR
    C2C25696 JAGUAR
    C2C24412 JAGUAR
    C2C39763 JAGUAR
    C2C31016 JAGUAR
    C2C41347 JAGUAR
    C2C23699 JAGUAR
    C2C23699E JAGUAR
    C2C20162 JAGUAR
  • Manufacturer

    Arnott is the global leader in aftermarket air suspension products for your luxury car, truck or SUV. With an extensive line of high quality products for over twenty vehicle makes, you can be sure to find just what you need to fix your suspension. Arnott designs and assembles products with OE Quality components including premium brand rubber air springs, shocks from industry leading manufacturers, heavy-duty crimping rings and seals and other parts machined in-house from aircraft quality aluminum.

    With over 30 years of experience, numerous innovations and patents, valuable installation resources, as well as world class warranties and customer support, Arnott is the Global Leader in aftermarket air suspension replacement products.
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    • 0849583. Air Spring Strut
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