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Air Spring Strut BILSTEIN - B4 OE Replacement (Air)

Product number: 0791597

Manufacturer number: 44-069506

EAN: 4025258635978

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Delivery 06-03-2024
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  • Specifications

    TypeSuspension Strut
    Fitting PositionRear Axle
    Shock Absorber TypeGas Pressure
    Spring DesignAir Spring
    Guarantee2 years
    Number in packaging1
    Shock Absorber Mounting TypeBottom eye

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  • Applicability

    XJ (X350, X358) | 03.2003-03.2009 3.0 - 2967ccm, 238pk, 175kw - VB(AJV6), VG(AJV6)
    XJ (X350, X358) | 03.2003-03.2009 3.6 - 3555ccm, 258pk, 190kw - RG(AJV8)
    XJ (X350, X358) | 03.2003-03.2009 4.2 - 4196ccm, 298pk, 219kw - SB(AJ33), SG(AJ33)
    XJ (X350, X358) | 03.2003-03.2009 D 2.7 - 2720ccm, 207pk, 152kw - 7G(AJTDV6)
    XJ (X350, X358) | 03.2003-03.2009 R 4.2 - 4196ccm, 395pk, 291kw - TB(AJ36), TG(AJ36)
  • Original part numbers

    2W93-5A965-EC JAGUAR
    2W93-5A965-EH JAGUAR
    2W93-5A965-EK JAGUAR
    2W93-5A965-EL JAGUAR
    2W93-5B749-EC JAGUAR
    2W93-5B749-EH JAGUAR
    2W93-5B749-EK JAGUAR
    2W93-5B749-EL JAGUAR
    C2C 23697 JAGUAR
    C2C 24410 JAGUAR
    C2C 25694 JAGUAR
    C2C 28531 JAGUAR
    C2C 28992 JAGUAR
    C2C 31014 JAGUAR
    C2C 31015 JAGUAR
    C2C 39765 JAGUAR
    C2C 41340 JAGUAR
    C2C 41341 JAGUAR
    C2C 41343 JAGUAR
    C2C 41346 JAGUAR
    C2C2 8407 JAGUAR
    C2C 20165 JAGUAR
    C2C 28407 JAGUAR
    C2C 39766 JAGUAR
  • Manufacturer

    Bilstein was founded in 1873, which shows that quality always remains. Bilstein shock absorbers are already fitted as standard with many car brands. Bilstein suspension has an extensive range from the standard chassis spring in the form of Bilstein springs to a sporty shock absorber or even a Bilstein coilover to go extra low with the vehicle.

    The Bilstein B4 gas shock absorber is the perfect replacement shock absorber and results in improved road holding. Would you rather go for a bit sportier handling? Then the Bilstein B6 Sport, B8 or B12 Sportline might be something for you. Bilstein may already be an old brand, but they don't really stand still. They show that with the Bilstein B16 ride control, which can be adjusted via a module on the smartphone!
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    • 0791597. Air Spring Strut BILSTEIN - B4 OE Replacement (Air)
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