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Wheel nut cap 1/2 ", 6-side for aluminum wheels 15mm

Universally applicable

Product number: 0559435

Manufacturer number: 3310115

EAN: 4715898520917

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Delivery 26-10-2023
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  • Specifications

    • 6-side
    • internal square drive according to DIN 3121 / ISO 1174
    • especially for the removal and assembly of wheel nuts and bolts
    • thin-walled
    • long version
    • provided with plastic sleeve for preventing damage to the aluminum rims
    • with plastic insert for protecting the wheel bolts and nuts
    • plastic sleeve is interchangeable
    • phosphated
    • chromium molybdenum

    Guarantee2 years
  • Applicability

    Universally applicable

  • Manufacturer


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    • 0559435. Wheel nut cap 1/2 ", 6-side for aluminum wheels 15mm
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