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Releaser VKC 3629 SKF

Product number: 1134590

Manufacturer number: VKC 3629

EAN: 7316577657176

€ 56,56

€ 50,20

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  • Specifications

    Guarantee2 years

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    SKF VKC 3629 (this product)
  • Applicability

    JUSTY   (KAD) | 11.1984-04.1996 1200 (KA7) - 1190ccm, 67pk, 49kw - EF12
    JUSTY   (KAD) | 11.1984-04.1996 1200 4WD (KA8) - 1190ccm, 75pk, 55kw - EF12E
    VIVIO | 03.1992-12.1998 0.7 (KK3) - 658ccm, 44pk, 32kw - EN07E
    VIVIO | 03.1992-12.1998 660 4WD (KK4) - 658ccm, 44pk, 32kw - EN07E
  • Original part numbers

    30508-KA001 SUBARU
    30508-KA040 SUBARU
  • Manufacturer


    SKF is a Swedish bearing manufacturer founded in 1907, SKF is known worldwide for its high quality car parts. SKF makes distribution sets, wheel bearings, drive axles and more, basically everything in the driving section of a passenger car is made by SKF.

    SKF has invested in the best production methods for years to deliver as sustainable a product as possible. Quality is priority number one. As a result, SKF car parts are the first choice of car manufacturers in the initial assembly of newly-delivered vehicles.

    Garagists who want to offer their customers the best and most sustainable repair often use SKF products. This is because they have the guarantee that customers can enjoy their repaired vehicle for a long time. SKF car parts are of the same quality as the original part on your car and will take a long time!

    In short, SKF auto parts distinguish themselves from the following points:

    - Excellent quality
    - Very good fit
    - By far the most durable replacement part for your chassis and drive

    At present, we have the following SKF components in our range:

    • Distribution Sets, & Tensioners

    • Wheel bearings

    • Drive Shafts & Dust Covers

    • CV joints

    • Tie Rods Stabilizer Rods

    • Thrust bearing 

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